Residents meet to discuss lake ordinance

NEGAUINEE– Late last week a group of concerned citizens meet to discuss how best to air their opinion on a change of ordinance that could let gas motors on a local lake.

A group of neighbors meet last Thursday afternoon on Owaissa Street in Negaunee to strategize how best to air their concerns over the possibility of gas motors on Teal Lake. At the meeting they discussed ways of rallying public support for their cause and making their voice heard at an upcoming public hearing.

The residents say that allowing gas motors would make the lake too noisy and unsafe for other users.

“My message to the councilmen is listen to your constitutes, we got you there now listen to us,” said Margert Twichell, who attended the meeting. “And proponents, I want some hard data to show that it’s gonna have an economic impact; I don’t believe these funny numbers that may have been proposed by council member, I want hard data.”

The city council will be holding a public hearing on the ordinance this Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Neganuee Senior Center. You can find details on the public hearing and details on the current ordinance here.