Local school gets visit from state department

EDEN JUNCTION– A local school district got a visit from 2 people from the Department of Education and had a chance to show off what they’re doing for the kids.

Teri Chapman and Janis Weckstein visited Superior Central School this afternoon and got a tour of the building. Chapman is the State Director of the Office of Special Education and Weckstein is the assistant director.

While at Superior Central the 2 of them saw the different things the school was doing and had a chat with school superintendent and principal Bill Valima.

“I think the biggest message is just letting us do what we know is best for kids and Jan and I kind of talked about that local control,” Valima said. “We have a geometry in construction course and teaching kids geometry using construction and that hands on experience and letting kids flourish where their talents are.”

While at the school the 2 officials were able to see the school’s boat building class, hoop house, and hydroponic system.

Valima said that it was great to see that members of Michigan’s Department of Education care enough to come up to the U.P. and see our schools. Last year the school was visited by the director and assistant director of the department.