Golf Club hosts annual Demo Day event

MARQUETTE — Temperatures in the low forties and winds gusting as high as twenty-five miles per hour didn’t stop Upper Peninsula golf enthusiasts today from checking out and trying the latest and greatest golf gear.

The Marquette Golf Club held Demo Day on the driving range of the Heritage Course. Representatives from the seven biggest golf equipment suppliers in the world gave interested patrons the chance to try the newest drivers, irons, wedges and putters for free.

For a day where the weather wasn’t exactly ideal for golf, Marc Gilmore, the head pro at the golf club said the turnout was spectacular.

“This is always well supported. We’ve had people from Munising that have already been here today, some people from the Copper Country, a lot of our members have been out here. This (weather) is about as bad as I’ve seen it in 30 years but it’s been awesome,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore added some golfers come out to Demo Day looking for a specific thing and go home with something completely different.

“If you try them all, something might fit you a little bit better and that’s a great thing to do at a demo day,” said Gilmore. “I think everyone is real excited about the golf season. They’ve seen all of the new equipment in the magazines, all of the ads on TV throughout the winter, so they’re ready to try it out and hopefully it helps their game too.”

The Marquette Golf Club is home to the Heritage Course and Greywalls.