Police to meet with community to talk internet safety

MARQUETTE– One challenge of raising kids today is making sure they’re safe online.

And a local police department is hosting a talk to help out with that.

The Marquette Police Department is putting on a presentation tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Marquette Senior High School tailored toward parents. They will address recent issues the department has been dealing with such as sexting and cyber bullying.

According to an officer, the goal was to inform the community of what was going on and offering advice.

Detective Sergeant Chris Aldrich said it was “to raise awareness with not only the kids, but also their parents, that these are issues that happening here locally not just issues they hear about on the news.”

He suggested “staying informed and being informed of the types of social media your children are using, sites and locations they’re going on the internet.”

Tomorrow’s presentation will be held in the high school’s Little Theatre. Detective Sergeant Aldrich said that he hopes parents will be able to take this information and start a conversation with their kids.