Class teaches students the basics of broadcasting

NEGAUNEE — Students taking Digital Writing at Negaunee High School are doing way more than just writing. The nine students that make up the class work as a team to put together bi-weekly shows and broadcast live content.

“In class they work in teams typically,” said Andy Skewis, a teacher at NHS. “They’re doing stories about classmates, about staff, school events and things like that. In the evening, they work in teams to produce sporting events, other events. Sometimes they’re leaving school toting cameras, computers, microphones, soundboards,” he added.

The class started three years ago and has quickly become a hit among students.

“I love writing, I love editing, I love filming,” said NHS junior Keegan McGonigle. “I love working with my classmates. I think it’s a lot of fun, especially teaching each other brand new things that maybe they didn’t know or that I didn’t know. It’s just really great,” added McGonigle.

A big part of the class is broadcasting live sporting events, through the Michigan High School Athletic Association. Students run the cameras, do the play-by-play and everything else associated with a live broadcast.

Their work was honored with a few awards too.

“Our students had some of their work, some of their play-by-play, editing and graphics usage honored with Excellence Awards,” said Skewis. “It was a nice recognition for them.”

Negaunee was only a handful of schools in the state to win multiple awards. The Miners won three Excellence Awards.

“They work hard at it. We talk a lot about being in the public eye and this is really a professional atmosphere,” said Skewis. “I’m proud of the fact that they always approach things that way.”

“It seems that people really appreciate what we do and we appreciate that they appreciate us,” said McGonigle.

Skewis says next year’s class will have more students in it.