Students look towards their future at career fair

MUNISING–Monday afternoon local middle school students met with professionals, with aims to plan for their future.

Eighth and ninth grade students gathered at the Munising Community Center, to learn about opportunities such as; financial aid, scholarships, middle college, and tribal benefits.

On-goers said Alger County came together, developing opportunities, skills, and recognition for what kids need.

“Most of our presenters here are employed or live in Alger County,” coordinator Mary Jo O’Halloran-Torongo said. “That’s another piece we want our youth to see that there is job opportunity here and opportunity to develop professionally. We also want to just open the doors, see what’s possible.”

The event was put together by the Communities That Care Program, part of the Alger County Community Collaborative. This action based program today was specifically put on by the youth involvement group.