Local hobby farm holding open house to inform public on goats

RAPID RIVER — One local hobby farm is having an open house this weekend for anyone interested in learning a little something about goats. ABC 10’s Melanie Palmer stopped by the farm and has the story.

They’re cute, they can be loud, they’re goats. Echolight Hobby Farm in Rapid River is holding their second annual open house for anyone wanting to learn more about these unique farm animals.
“They get a bad reputation and I really want people to see that they actually are valuable dairy animals. They have a lot to offer, they have a lot less of an impact on the environment and they are so intelligent and personable, they all each have their own personalities and we enjoy them a lot,” said Echolight Hobby Farm Owner, Kirsten Tardiff.

Around 20 goats live at the farm, these of which vary in age. “I have eight adult does, I have nine kids out here, two in the garage as well, and I have my buck out there,” said Tardiff.

Other than interacting with the goats, samples will be offered of goat cheese, milk, soap, and other dairy products. Giving the hesitant the chance to try out goat milk for themselves.

“When the milk is fresh and clean, it’s definitely not bad. I would say it has a fresher and cleaner taste than cow’s milk, personally,” said Tardiff.

The farm doesn’t offer their products for sale but if someone is interested, leasing one of the heard shares is an option. The open house offers an educational experience for people of all interests.

“If you have any interest in healthier food or goats as a dairy animal, along with showing kids a unique farm experience, we are a small hobby farm. Anyone who has an interest in animals, I think will enjoy this,” said Tardiff.

The event is free and anyone is invited to the open house that will be held on Saturday from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. For more details on the event, you can find a link to the Facebook page by clicking here.