Township adding rescue stations just in time for swimming season

CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — In the middle of the summer, Lake Superior can be one of the best places to be. It can also be one of the most dangerous places.

The Chocolay Township Fire Department has raised the necessary funds to install three rescue stations near Lake Superior. The fire department began working on this project during the winter.

Each of the three rescue stations will be built along M-28. The rescue stations will contain life jackets and other life-saving devices for anyone to use in case an emergency arises in the water.

“These are essentially important because people are out there swimming, there’s rip currents and if somebody does get in trouble there’s a device right there handy. These are priceless,” said Chocolay Township Assistant Fire Chief Lee Gould. “The devices that are going to be out there and for if somebody was struggling out in the water and needed a device, the safety devices will be there, you could use them to rescue them.”

Gould is aiming to have the rescue stations up next month, just in time for swim season.