Be the Match, looking for bone marrow donors

MARQUETTE– You may have a chance to save a life or cure a disease and to find out all you have to do right now is have your cheek swabbed.

Michigan Blood held an event at UP Health Systems Marquette that invited the public to join the Bone Marrow Registry. All registrants had to do was stop by hospital from 10 A.M. and two P.M., fill out paperwork and have their cheek swabbed.

Those who registered could potentially be called to donate bone marrow. These transplants can cure many diseases according to those at the event.

“A bone marrow transplant can completely cure lymphomas, leukemias, sickle–cell anemias, any bone marrow related disease,” said volunteer Brooke Dishaw.

She said the goal was “to get the word out there, to spread awareness as well as get people on the registry and to cure more patients.”

Even though the event ended this afternoon it’s definitely not too late to get on the registry.

Once registered, you stay registered until 61, but may not be called.

You can register online here.