Packers visit senior living community

HOUGHTON — Hundreds of fans made it out to see the Green Bay Packers at their stop in Houghton Thursday, but the Packers brought the party to a group of fans who couldn’t make it.

There are a lot of fans of the Green Bay Packers at the Bluffs Senior Community in Houghton. So when the Packers Tailgate Tour stopped in for a visit, it was quite a surprise. Several current and former players talked with fans and honored the veterans. Packer Hall of Fame Running Back Ahman Green is taking part in first Tailgate Tour. He says if it weren’t for life-long fans like these, the Packers wouldn’t be so popular.

Green said, “The good thing about Packer fans, they’ve been Packer fans-fanatical, obsessive fans-for years, since way before I was on this planet and Curly Lambeau created this organization and Vince Lombardi came in and saved the team and win some Super Bowls, stuff like that, that’s when it begun for this generation of people here and they passed the torch to their kids and children.”

The tour is making several stops this week and the folks at the Bluffs sure appreciated they were among the lucky few.

Bluffs Resident Myrtle Barrette said, “I think it’s very special. Those of us who are here find that living at the Bluffs is very special and having the Packers here, double special.”

The Packers Tailgate Tour wraps up Saturday in Iron Mountain.