Local committee hoping beautifying city will draw in more visitors

ISHPEMING — One local committee is working to beautify its city to create a welcoming environment for visitors.

The Ishpeming Beautification Committee has a goal of creating community spirit and pride for residents. The beautification is done through placing hanging baskets and flower beds around the city. Anyone in the area is invited to tend to their own individual flower bed or maintain the garden with the help of others.

The committee is hoping that by having these flower beds around the city, more people will be attracted to the area.

“You get visitors, you attract people, and hopefully we’ll attract businesses. Community pride is important, we want people to be happy about where they live and that attracts people too,” said Ishpeming Beautification Committee Chairperson, Linda Andriacchi.

Linda is also an advanced Master Gardener and loves to teach people of all experience levels who are interested in creating a flower bed. All the flower beds will be completed by the second week of June, anyone from the area is welcome to visit the city and see the hard work the volunteers put in the bed.

If you are interested in helping beautify the city of Ishpeming, you can email Linda at Linda.Andriacchi@gmail.com. The committee is always accepting financial donations as well to help spread the community spirit.