Stabenow stands up to Trump over Great Lakes funding

HANCOCK — Several research projects at Michigan Tech could be in jeopardy if funding is cut for efforts to clean up and maintain the Great Lakes.

President Trump’s budget proposal calls for eliminating support for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative…which currently receives roughly $300 million annually.

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow visited the Great Lakes Research Center on the campus of Michigan Tech this weekend.

Stabenow said, “This would really be a disaster for us in Michigan and for all of us who care deeply about our Great Lakes and fishing and boating and our drinking water comes from the Great Lakes and agriculture and everything you can think of, including just our basic way of life.”

Michigan Tech-led projects funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative amount to $4.76 million.

But the benefits of the funding are not limited to researchers at the university.

The results of many of these studies are made available to the public.

Stabenow said, “You can get really important information, as well as learning about what is happening with our water quality, sediment, what’s happening that’s interfering with our fish populations, which are so important to us, and all of the things that are happening that are threats.”

Stabenow is encouraging people to visit her website,, to learn more about and show their support for Great Lakes funding.