Sen. Peters addresses President Trump’s budget proposal

WASHINGTON D.C. — The healthcare debate isn’t the only thing that has many in Washington concerned.

President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal would cut funding for the Great Lakes and rural airports. And that’s not sitting well with Michigan Sen. Gary Peters.

The president’s budget calls for an elimination of all funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Essential Air Service. Cutting all financial support for those two programs comes to a minimum of $475 million.

Peters says without the EAS funding, the airlines would likely disappear. And losing the Great Lakes funding could have massive consequences.

“I think that President Trump is wrong to zero out the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding and he’s wrong in the case that this has been a bipartisan initiative for many years,” said Sen. Peters.

“The Great Lakes are an important resource not just for us in Michigan, but there important for the entire country. We’ve got to keep the body of fresh water clean,” Sen. Peters added.

Peters also emphasized the negative economic impact that could occur if airports lose that federal funding. President Trump’s budget still has to be passed by members of Congress.