Local students partake in a global movement

MARQUETTE–Local students are partaking in a global one hour movement, that aims to show commitment to our planet.

Northern Michigan University students living in the residence halls will be turning their lights off early this coming Saturday, in honor of Earth Hour. Earth Hour takes place around the world at 8:30 p.m. on the last Saturday of March.

“Students they are very very committed to the environment, you know we recruit a certain type of student who wants to come to Northern and be part of the outdoors and so this really resonates with a lot of our students,” NMU Spokesperson Derek Hall said.

Lights in the dorms will go off, this is all a part of a student ran campaign, “Save Electricity.” Participating in Earth Hour is one of the campaign goals.

Hall said he hopes the campaign will help students realize they can be part of a bigger movement.