Chilly plunge for a special cause

MARQUETTE– Scooby Doo, some super heroes, and a plunger are some of the brave dressed up locals, that took a jump for a good cause.

Saturday, Marquette Mountain hosted their annual Polar Plunge, to raise money for the Special Olympics. The snowy and slightly rainy afternoon didn’t stop participants, whom some have been taking the plunge for years.

“This is actually my seventh year,” Polar Plunger Paula Vincent said. “You always have to do this, this is super fun and it’s not that cold.”

“It was a little bit warmer but your body goes numb, so that’s kind of the unavoidable situation,” Peer Coach Group Faith Toutant said.

“Being involved for Special Olympics because I know they do so much for the community,” Peer Coach Group Skylar Travolta said. “It’s nice for us to go out and help them because they’re helping other people too.”

The plunge is about 4 feet deep and brought in a mixture of all ages.The ladies tip for future plungers, bring extra clothes and towels.