MTU showcases projects to first-time visitors

HOUGHTON — Saturday is Preview Day at Michigan Tech and about 1000 guests will be on campus, many seeing it for the first time.

Those who arrived Friday were able to see some of the many projects that undergraduate students at the university are working on. One project showed how ultraviolet light could be used to treat wastewater.

Forth year Environmental Engineering Major Erica Coscarelli said, “The information that I found is specifically geared towards wastewater treatment plants and potential ways they can improve engineer processes to remove these contaminants from water to prevent it from entering the environment.”

Using diabetic mice, another project showed the benefits blueberries can have on treating Type 2 Diabetes.

Third year pre-Health Studies Major Jacob Schoenborn said, “What I strongly urge people who are diabetic is to eat a more rounded diet, but what blueberries will do is they’ll protect your body from that damage, so you’re on the road to recovery. You can start recovering, you can start eating healthier, you can start exercise and you’ll eventually become less diabetic.”

A full day of tours and helpful sessions are planned for tomorrow to help students make their final decision on where they want to get their education.