Defense calls more witnesses in Sadowski trial

MARQUETTE– Defense attorney Tony Ruiz called a number of different witnesses to the stand today in defense of one Ishpeming man charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and torture.

Officer Brent Zaborowske of the Ishpeming City Police Department was called to the stand Tuesday by the defense in Jason Sadowski’s trial. Sadowski’s attorney, Tony Ruiz, questioned the officer on an interaction he had with one of the victims. :14

Ruiz asked, “If you had an hour with Ms. ***** less than an hour than the events of this date were supposed to happen, would you consider that an interview?”

Zaboroske said that it was not his place to do a formal interview and he was simply trying to make the victim feel more comfortable, however he doesn’t remember much of that date. Ruiz played audio clips from police footage in which the officer asked for the victims name, date of birth, and phone number.

Additionally in the clip Zaboroske says that he doesn’t want to mess the interview up and that he didn’t think the victim would get in trouble for taking money out of Sadowski’s wallet. Also called to the stand was Amanda Wyatt, an ex–student of Sadowski who had a on and off romantic relationship with him.

Wyatt said that she didn’t feel threatened by the defendant when she knew him, but did feel manipulated by him at times.

However, she also said she cut ties with him. “I do not have any sort of relationship with him now,” Wyatt said. “I don’t want him near around me or my children now.”

Sadowski’s trial continues tomorrow in Marquette County Circuit Court.