‘The Fat Man’ says goodbye

MARQUETTE — After nearly nine years of being up before the crack of dawn to host ‘Mornings in Marquette’ on 100.3 FM The Point, Chip Arledge, better known as ‘The Fat Man’, hosted his last radio show Monday morning.

The Fat Man came to Marquette in 2008 to help launch four new radio stations in Marquette and Escanaba. He recently accepted a job to become the operations manager at a cluster of radio stations in Shreveport, Louisiana.

When asked if there’s one thing he will remember about the U.P., The Fat Man says its how wonderful people here have treated him.

“As I said on the air this morning, I promise to be a good ambassador and tell people how wonderful they are. The friendships, the people are so genuine, so welcoming, so friendly so loving; a finer group of people you’ll will never meet anywhere else in the country,” he said.

“I travel a lot and the people here in the U.P. are just fabulous and I love them so much and I really, really hate to leave.”

The Fat Man added that the Fourth of July Parade on Washington Street will be another thing he will truly miss.