Update on iconic building’s renovations

MARQUETTE — Overlooking Marquette, stands a large structure evoking curiosity and nostalgia from onlookers. ABC 10’s Melanie Palmer had the opportunity to get a rare glimpse of the inside of the orphanage.

“It’s a really neat piece of history to bring back,” said Project Superintendent, Joe Supa.

It’s an iconic building here in Marquette County, the previous Holy Cross Orphanage but soon to be, Grandview Marquette Apartments. ABC 10 received a rare glimpse of the renovations that are currently underway at the Grandview Marquette Apartments.

“We’ve got a few more areas that we still need to demo we’re continuing on with framing and running our MEP’s at this time,” said Supa.

Maintaining the historic charm of the original building is a key point of focus. The windows are reminiscent of the original structures. The chapel will be completely restored and used as a community center that anyone in the area can rent out.

“Just keeping the historic look on the exterior of this building is utmost important and then some of the key factors that we’re keeping in the building is keeping original areas the way they used to be,” said Supa.

Each apartment has a unique layout from the rest, giving every resident an exclusive view of Marquette. These room sizes will vary between one, two, and the bedrooms.

“The auditorium is going to be turned into a three bedroom apartment, which you can see behind us and we’re going to keep the radius of the stage. Then also because of the size of the windows in each apartment, they will all vary in ceiling heights but a lot of the lower levels have quite high ceilings,” said Supa.

Entirely new elevator shafts have recently been constructed. The previous balcony overlooking the chapel is also being created into apartments. Despite the underlining challenge of renovating a building that is over 100 years old, construction has gone along smoothly.

“We should be able to stay on schedule and keep moving forward,” said Supa.

The planning gone into these renovations was the outcome of a creative architect and several different organizations, such as Wolverine Construction and Community Action Alger-Marquette.

“Working with Barry Polzin on this project to bring this back to life has been great. His design for this building has been outstanding and working with him has been a treat,” said Supa.

In regards to getting a glimpse of the notorious chapel, you’ll have to wait until construction is complete sometime this Fall.