Responding officer testifies in Sadowski case

MARQUETTE — An officer who originally responded to the 911 call that brought police to Jason Sadowski’s Mixed Marital Arts Studio and house testified today at his re–trial.

Jason Hart testified he was an officer with the Ishpeming City Police the night Sadowski was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and torturing two woman. He responded to the Martial Way after hearing about a kidnapping in a mixed martial arts studio and found two women in the basement, one duct taped to a support pillar, both hysterical.

One victim ran towards them screaming, “You found us, you found us.”

The other repeatedly thanked him.

“She was still hysterical, she appeared frantic and very excited,” Hart said. “In fact as I was escorting her through the main floor of the residence she stated several times, ‘Thank you for saving my life, thank you for saving my life.'”

Defense attorney Tony Ruiz pointed out that Hart did not remember parts or details of the story and the officer admitted that marks on one victim hands could be from her striking something.

Also testifying was former Detective and Chief of Ishpeming City Police, Dan Willey. Willey testified about photographs he took of the victims injuries. He also talked about duct tape residue found on the arms and wrists of one victim and the wrists of the other.

However before the photographs were taken, one victim was left alone and had a chance to rub her neck, which could have created red marks; according to a video shown by Ruiz. Both Hart and Willey now work for the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department.

Sadowski’s re-trial continues Friday in Marquette County Circuit Court.