Local university holds Muslim awareness forum

MARQUETTE– One local university hosted a very well received forum on religion and culture this afternoon.

The Marquette Room at Northern Michigan University was packed as students and community members gathered for a Muslim Awareness Forum.

The forum was intended to educate the community about Islam and address some myths and misconceptions that surround the religion.

One speaker at the event said that he hoped to show the similarities and differences between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Dr. Keith Kendall of NMU said, “I think the hope is that people will leave with the idea that Islam, Christianity, Judaism, all monotheistic religions are both similar and different and we need to both embraces those similarities and differences.”

“So you don’t become a sheep to society’s mainstream culture or feel about these kinds of topics,” said NMU Sophomore Sarah Schollmeyer. “I want to have my own opinion after gaining real education.”

Dr. Kendall said that one reason they decided to hold this forum was because many of his students did not know much about Islam.

Schollmeyer said that she attended because she did not know much about the religion.