New business, Crappie Coffee roasting up flavors in the U.P.

MARQUETTE — A new coffee business in Marquette is grinding away at offering a variety of coffee flavors to local residents.

Crappie Coffee was first started back in November of 2016 and started distributing their coffee around last month. The beans come from multiple different countries from Somalia to Columbia and create a different drinking experience with each cup.

The primary focus of this coffee business is to deliver consistent coffee for customers to enjoy which is done through the passion from the owners of the business along with their coffee roaster.

“We spend a lot of time tasting our coffees, every batch we taste. The three of us; myself, David and his wife, Nicole are constantly tasting coffees and we do a lot of research on the coffee that we buy. We want to make sure that we are getting, really high quality stuff,” said Coffee Roaster at Crappie Coffee, Dylan Trost.

Some of the establishments where Crappie Coffee can be purchased at include the Flying Moose and the Marquette Food Co-Op. If you are unable to visit these locations, you can contact Dylan through the Crappie Coffee Facebook page and he will either personally deliver the coffee or mail it to your desired location.