Penny for your thoughts? Artist kick starts pressed penny machine campaign to benefit Children’s Museum

MARQUETTE — One local artist is working to get Marquette County a new machine that would leave tourists with a collectible and unique souvenir, a pressed penny.

As of right now, there are 30 of these machines across the Upper Peninsula but none in Marquette County. Artist Paul Olson has started a Kick-starter campaign to raise money for this machine, this of which would be placed in the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. The proceeds from the pressed penny machine would be given to the Museum.

Designs that are tentatively planned for these pennies would range from a statue of Father Marquette, Lake Superior, along with something representing the children’s museum. Having this convenient souvenir creates a nostalgic feeling for the places that you’ve visited in the past.

“It reminds me of all the good times I’ve had in those places where I got the pressed pennies and so all of those memories come flooding back whenever I see them. It really reminds me that I would like to go back to these places and maybe it inspires other to comeback,” said Artist Paul Olson.

Paul is currently taking any design ideas that would represent the city of Marquette. The campaign is running through the end of March and anyone willing to donate towards the purchase of this machine, can find a link to that information by clicking here.