Jail supervisor testifies at Cochran murder trial

CRYSTAL FALLS– A Kentucky jail supervisor testified about some experiences he had while alleged murderer Kelly Cochran was housed there.

Edward Jackson, the Jail Supervisor of Graves County Jail in Kentucky testified today over Skype today as part of Kelly Cochran’s murder trial. Jackson talked about two incidents that happened with Cochran while she was there.

One time Jackson said Cochran faked being passed out and unresponsive. She was monitored for her health after this incident. Another incident happened the next day, when officers from the facility found the earpiece of a pair of glasses that had been broken to make a shank. Jackson said that when asked about it, Cochran said she flushed the lens part of the glasses.

Also on the stand Wednesday was Tiffany Smith, a Forensic Analyst for the FBI. Smith talked about test results from a number of different items sent to her lab.

Some of these were samples of stains found on a door arch in Cochran’s home, but she said the DNA of those didn’t belong to the victim Chris Regan or the Cochran’s.

Clothing was also presented, including a hat that came from Regan’s car, which had the DNA of several people on it. The biggest source of DNA came from Regan, but Smith said Cochran was another likely contributor.

Smith said, “I calculated the DNA and the DNA typing results from that swabbing were at least 2 times more likely to have originated from Ms. Cochran and two additional three unknown individuals.”

Cochran’s murder trial continues Thursday in Iron County Circuit Court.