Bringing the heat for a good cause

MARQUETTE– The fifth annual chili challenge kicked off Tuesday night with a little twist this year.

This event hosts two competitions, with a total of fifteen competitors overall. NMU culinary students compete against one another, and a separate battle between professionals. Regardless who takes home the W, all of the chefs brought the heat for a good cause at the Jacobetti Complex Commons. Chili enthusiasts paid seven dollars to taste test the chili concoctions and new this year soups as well. All the proceeds are benefiting the Beacon House, Fresh Food Program.

“We get fresh food for our guests, we have a community kitchen, and I think this event in particular actually exemplifies the importance of a good home cooked meal. How it brings a community together and that’s exactly our goal at Beacon House,” Beacon House Public Relations Andrew Lorinser said. “To make our house a home away from home for people, who are visiting patients at UPHS Marquette, or who are receiving critical care themselves at the hospital.”

The winning chili is picked by a panel of judges made up of NMU facility and professional chefs from the American Chef Foundation. Lorinser said he couldn’t decide on a favorite, and even suggested combining all of them together.