Laura Frizzo’s testimony continues at murder trial

CRYSTAL FALLS– In her second day testifying, former Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo described the change in appearance she saw in alleged murderer Kelly Cochran, as Frizzo continued to investigate the murder of Chris Regan.

Laura Frizzo’s testimony continues at murder trail

Frizzo said, “It was a different side of her, she was kind of willing, relaxed and willing to tell me how she was and what kind of life she had growing up. Basically, again, that she’s been this way her whole life there is no one incident that occurred in her life to her the way she is. It’s just the way she was born; and she describes that a being a person whose always had homicidal tendencies and has no remorse.”

During the testimony, Frizzo talked about the investigation after she found the remains of Regan and the second of two “field trips” she took with Cochran.

Frizzo said there was some evidence found during the trip, however Frizzo was still looking for proof that Cochran was telling the truth.

That came at Cochran’s house, when evidence Cochran had talked about was found by law enforcement.

Frizzo said, “We had many, many, many discussion in days and weeks prior to this day and she said a lot of things I wasn’t able to validate. She wanted me to believe her and she want to help me find Chris Regan but I told her, you know, I needed some validity to what she was saying. This was actually the first day that she said something to me and validated what she had said.”

At the house things turned gristly, as Cochran lead them into the basement and talked about the process and some issues with dismembering the victim.

However, the human remains dogs brought into the house did not find evidence of this in the basement, but did trigger outside the house. They can pick up the smell of a fatal accident that happened twenty years ago.

Another thing Frizzo noticed was Cochran seemed very interested in butterflies and asked where her interest came from.

“She told me that the butterfly was to her a symbol for death and she said that when you find a corpse or any kind of decomposition of an animal or human, you’ll actually see more butterflies flocking to it than maggots,” Frizzo recalled.

Cochran’s murder trial continues tomorrow in Iron County Circuit Court.