Former police chief testifies at Cochran trial

CRYSTAL FALLS — Former Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo took the stand as the first week of Kelly Cochran’s murder trial came to a close Friday afternoon.

Laura Frizzo was the original officer who took the missing person complaint back in 2014 and was a member of the investigation into Chris Regan’s disappearance and death.

“I was leaving the office and I noticed her pull up in front of the office, I was waiting for the 5:00 car to come in, it was approximately 20 to 5:00 and I was supposed to be done by 3:00,” said Frizzo.

“I looked back at her, she got out of her car, tired to open the door and go into the office and as she turned around I noticed she was crying so I went back in with her and at which time she wanted to report her friend was missing,” she added.

Frizzo says the investigation eventually led her to the alleged murderer, Kelly Cochran. The former Iron River Police Chief heard Regan was having an affair with Cochran and that he had directions to her house.

“She told me, ‘I found these directions’ and she started to read them to me and as she read them to me I realized they were the same directions to the defendant’s house,” said Frizzo about Cochran.

Michigan State Police Forensic Scientist Lisa Oravetz also testified on Friday. Oravetz worked to identify human blood as part of the investigation.

During her investigation, Oravetz found human blood on a red comforter and pillow in the master bedroom as well as on the trimming of a door at the Cochran’s residence. However, Oravetz could not tell when the blood stains occurred and sent the samples out for DNA testing in Grand Rapids.