Tech’s ‘Winter Carnival’ in full swing

HOUGHTON — There’s not a lot of sleeping going on at the campus of Michigan Tech. The All-Nighter, the official kick-off event of Winter Carnival, features food and fun with many booths put on by student organizations.

Silver Wings promotes professional development and military awareness and are raising money to put on more events on campus.

Chemical Engineering Student Savanna Curtis said, “We sponsor a meditation room for all the Career Fairs, where we’re giving students free fruit snacks, coloring pages, a place just for them to relax.”

The Husky Pep Band likes to keep moving, they built a human foosball rink this year.

Biomedical Engineering Sterling Korstad said, “The pep band always does an interactive statue and so I just wanted to something different that we haven’t done before.”

Building of the month-long statues was slowed by unseasonably warm weather…but recently things have started to take some familiar shapes.

Civil Engineering Student Cam Place said, “I really think it comes down to pride in the community. We love it up here. We love the weather. We love the atmosphere and kind of just wanted to pay homage to the history around here.”

Eating a healthy snack might make staying up all night easier, just good luck finding one, but there’s always the deep fried chocolate bars and Twinkies.