University holds Wellness Fair

MARQUETTE — The Marquette community had the chance today to improve their overall wellness in life thanks to the annual Wildcat Wellness Fair.

The fair had 34 different vendors on hand for students and community members to interact with. From free health screenings to tasting fresh and healthy food choices, the wellness fair had a little something for everyone.

“If there’s a subject they’re particularly interested in, they can find information on it in here whether it’s in a pamphlet or talk to a professional or get a screening for something they haven’t had the opportunity to before. Some of them have never had their blood pressure measured,” said Barb Coleman, the fair coordinator.

“Trying to decide do I take Ramen Noodles or do I try and take the time to make something that’s probably a little bit more healthier, but definitely takes more time to make; those decisions can be really hard for students, especially when you’re pressed for time,” said NMU senior Megan McCormick.

The fair was put together by the NMU Health Promotion Society.