130th Annual Suicide Hill Ski Jump

ISHPEMING–The 130th Annual Suicide Hill Ski Jump took off Tuesday night.

The event draws in skiers from around the World. Although two skiers share the love of the sport, they shared with us two opposing pre–competition emotions.

“Oh yeah always before a competition a little nerves, but that’s good, that’s natural, and most of the time it helps you.” Eau Claire, Wisconsin skier Andrew Urlaub said. “Put your skis on the same way, sit on the bar the same way, just keep everything the same as you do for practice.”

“I don’t have any of those feelings anymore, but at the start I am very excited,” Slovenia, skier Urban Susnik said. “I’m just on the tour, going from one place to another. I’m going to try my best and hope to do the best.”

Over a hundred people gathered at Suicide Ski Hill Bowl. Goers enjoyed bonfires, brats, fireworks, and of course a good competition.