The American Legion leadership tours Upper Peninsula

HERMANSVILLE– The state leaders of one local organization focused on veterans are making their annual tour of the Upper Peninsula. Leaders from The American Legion Department of Michigan are wrapping up their tour of the Upper Peninsula. They started in Sault St. Marie before making multiple stops at Veterans homes, Memorials and American Legions Posts.

“We had a special, special stop at White Pine there,” said Gary Lane, 5th zone commander with The American Legion. “We got to have a tour of the moving wall.” Today they made one last stop at 340 in Hermansville and talked with a group of members there.

Lane said, “We’re having a luncheon here and meeting with their membership and officers.”

After the luncheon they headed to a conference, they say the goal of this tour is to bring the leadership from Lansing to the Upper Peninsula.

“Because we have so many members that are really good member up at the Upper Peninsula,” Larry Money, Department Commander for Michigan with The American Legion, “but are unable to get down to a lot of our conferences.” During these past few years, the leadership says the Upper Peninsula does many things well for veterans.

“You have the Jacobetti home up here, the veteran’s hospital here,” Money said,” we toured the veteran’s hospital yesterday and the Upper Peninsula and the Veterans that serve the Upper Peninsula do a great job.”

However, they say more can always be done and it’s their mission to ensure it happens.

“Our main goal is helping veterans, that’s what our goal is,” Lane said. “To make sure all veterans that come home or that our home receive the proper care and they got everything that they need.”