Pipeline plans across Western U.P.

WESTERN U.P.– SEMCO is in the beginning stages of building a backup natural gas pipeline across the Western U.P.

The pipeline will service 34,000 customers. According to SEMCO the purpose of the new pipeline is to provide reliability in the event of a problem.

“Customers are currently served off an interstate pipeline called Northern Natural Gas,” SEMCO spokesman Tim Lubbers said. “But that line is a single line that was installed in the 1960s.”

The company still has multiple preliminary steps to go through, including an approval for the route.

“To try and minimize any waterway crossings and wetlands,” Lubbers said. “We’re trying to do everything you would expect us to do to have minimal impact on the environment. We hope to parallel, be right next to some existing corridors.”

The construction is estimated to start in late 2018. According to Lubbers the pipeline has an estimated cost of $135 million. The project will cause a $4 monthly bill increase for customers across Michigan.