Upcoming camp designed to help bereaving families

MARQUETTE — For the first time, a local summer camp program will be offering a winter camp for grieving families.

Star Children’s Bereavement Services will be inviting back children who participated in their summer camp in August, along with their families to Bay Cliff health camp in Big Bay. The camp will be a several day long program offering activities ranging from making s’mores to individual sharing sessions apart from family members.

This is an opportunity for bereaving families to cope in the company of similar families.

“This is really an opportunity for the families to be together to talk about their loved ones, to be with other people who are grieving. There’s a lot of power in being with people who understand the grief journey that you’re on. It’s an opportunity for education for families as well,” said Program Director of Winter Family Camp, Martha Smith-Process.

Children of all ages are invited to participate in both camp sessions. According to Smith-Process, grieving doesn’t end, it is an ongoing struggle but coordinators of the camp are hoping to assist in this time of need. The Winter Family Camp starts February 11th and runs through the 12th.

Parents with a grieving child can already sign up for the summer camp for this upcoming year by visiting starcbs.org/wintercamp.