Local college honors student veterans

ESCANABA– According to one local community college a large amount of Veterans are enrolling in school, which sparked the creation of a place on campus to call their own.

A Veterans’ Lounge is now located at Bay De Noc Community College. The idea rooted from a panel of veterans expressing their campus needs. The space is meant to offer peace and the ability to refocus on their educational responsibilities.

“It’s a nice quiet place away from the regular students, not trying to segregate anyone,” Veteran Michael Clayton said. “But we are different breed and some things that come out of our mouth might make some people scoff. We could say anything we want in here and not have anyone passing judgment.”

“A space where they could congregate, a space where they could share the comradely they shared when they were deployed, or when they were in service,” Veterans’ Certified Official Laurie Spangenberg said. “Also how we could support them with the resources they need to transition from military life to civilian life, and here at the college.”

Spangenberg said the college has received positive feedback from the lounge due to the understanding, and trust veterans share with one another. The lounges are located at the Escanaba and Iron Mountain campus.