U.P. Christian church exploring Islam

MARQUETTE — One local Lutheran Church is expanding their horizons by having multiple information sessions to educate community members on the religion of Islam.

Prince of Peace in Marquette has five different sessions, each of them teaching something different about the religion.

In today’s session, our very own Sam Ali, spoke about his practicing of the religion along with the similarities between Islam and Christianity. Holding an event such as this was something the Pastor of the church felt was needed to confront any false information regarding the religion.

Looking at the points of connection between the two religions can give everyone some clarity when practicing their own faith.

“My philosophy on inter faith dialogue is not that we’re trying to convert each other but or blend the religions into one single religion, but that we come away with a better sense of truly understanding each others religions and then by you understand your own religion, you understand your own faith,” said Prince of Peace Pastor Jim Duehring.

Being that Sam is one of the handfuls of Muslims in the U.P., he feels comfortable educating others and answering any questions they might have. In what appears to be a divided time in our nation, finding a common ground between religions is vital.

“It’s important to have these study groups so that people are educated about different religions, not just Islam or Christianity but Judaism, Buddhism, any religion. It is important to find our common ground instead of these things that divide us and create this tension between different religions,” said ABC 10 Sports Director Sam Ali.

Sam is passionate about spreading awareness of his faith and discussing the practicing’s surrounding it. The next session will be held on February 8th and anyone from the community is invited.