DOLLAR BAY — The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States takes place tomorrow and many Copper Country students will be there to see it.

Middle and high school students from Hancock, Chassell, Dollar Bay-Tamarack and Ontonagon schools left Tuesday night on buses for Washington D.C. They arrived in our nation’s capitol last night.

Dollar Bay teacher Cathy Hill says the trip will be a valuable learning experience.

“We’ve had so many good discussions just with the presidential election. But I’m hoping as I’m teaching that I can refer back to this trip, ‘Remember when we saw this? Remember that?’ And even taking them through the museums there’s so much I can show them,” said Hill.

Trump’s election has certainly been controversial and Hill says some parents did express their concerns over the safety of the students.

“I checked with the company that we’re going through and they really keep up with what’s going on,” said Hill. “They’re not going to put us anywhere that’s dangerous. We’re not staying in D.C., we’re staying in Maryland. There’s concerns but I’m hoping we have really good security,” she added.

The trip includes opportunities for the students to do some sightseeing and enjoy their own Inaugural Ball at the hotel. They will head back for the Copper Country Saturday night.