U.P. man is designing homes backed largely by environmentalists

MARQUETTE– One local business has paired up with a company in Utah to help others pair down.



According to City–data.com there are 8,398 houses in the Marquette area, but none in particular of this kind. Paul Tangora owns Marquette Design Group and is currently working with Alpine Tiny Homes, a company stationed in Utah.

“I mean the houses aren’t designed for a four person family, it’s either an individual or an elderly couple,” Tangora said.

Tangora is describing a “Tiny Home” with the goal to leave less of a carbon footprint. The homes have the same accommodations as an average house; a kitchen, a shower, and some even an extra loft for guests.

“I think just ease of living too, people are trying to unclutter their lives again; lower their carbon footprint, simplify their lives as far as material needs, and wants,” Tangora said. “You can’t have a big dining room table that seats eight in these things.”

Size is the major difference from a typical house. Tiny homes are typically 40 feet long and 12 feet wide, costing as low as $15,000 to $20,000. Although the idea of Tiny Homes was meant for minimalist living, like any home the design is however you want.

“One is stationary where it’s on a foundation and it’s not movable. There are also homes on a trailer, with a hitch, and you can pull that anywhere you want. Go camping, take it out to your hunting camp, take it down to Texas in the winter, you know just like a hitched up Winnebago but cheaper. ”

For more information on Marquette Design Group and Alpine Tiny Homes click on the links.