Synergy Fitness discusses healthy resolution tips

MARQUETTE — At the beginning of a New Year, many people set a resolution or two in an attempt to get in better shape. A big part of improving your overall physique is what you put into your body.

According to Synergy Fitness Owner Brian Claus, when it comes to weight loss, proper nutrition is even more important than exercising. Claus says eating foods with the proper amounts of carbohydrates and proteins, plus fruits and vegetables can go a long way in helping your meet your fitness goals.

“It’s just like would you put a cheap fuel into your sports car? If you want your body to run at peak performance, you’re not going to put cheap fuel into your body,” said Claus. “Nutrition as far as weight loss goes is probably 70% of the battle. It’s that important to have the proper nutrition, the proper fuel in your body,” he added.

Along with eating the right things, it’s also important to drink the right things, especially water.

“I don’t think that people put enough water into their body. They don’t consume enough water to really properly hydrate and make sure that those cells are flushed well, so that you’re digestive system works properly, which allows you to burn calories more efficiently and allows you to absorb those nutrients better,” said Claus.

To learn more about nutrition, exercising and weight loss, Synergy Fitness is holding an open house tomorrow from ten until two p.m. Synergy Fitness is located at the corner of West Bluff and Third Street in Downtown Marquette.