MARQUETTE — There could be some good news if you’re on the hunt for a new job.

There is a need for talent in the Upper Peninsula, however this does change throughout the year.

“Every local economy goes through a natural ebb and flow of qualified candidates to qualified positions,” says Lewis Strom, Workforce Development Processional at ‘Michigan! Works’. “It depends on the year, but oftentimes you’ll have more qualified candidates than qualified positions, and sometimes you’ll have more qualified positions than you do candidates.”

In the Upper Peninsula, there are openings in trade careers, as well as service and hospitality jobs. Some of these jobs require training and others don’t, however no matter if you are applying to be busboy or C.E.O, there are some general things to remember.

“Being able to come into a business being very well prepared; having your business-dress on even if you’re going into more of a labor position. Employers want to see the professional side of you, making sure you have your resume available and any of the documents that they need,” said ‘Michigan! Works’ Business Services Consultant, Delaney Lovett.

Additionally, having strong teamwork and communication skills can help you in every career field, and even small things can make a difference in the hiring process.

“I always ask the candidate if they know what the golden rule is, which a lot of people learn that in elementary school,” said Aubrey’s General Manager Aaron Taylor. “It’s treat others the way you want to be treated, and that’s important. If they know that, I know they fit in well.”

And if you are looking for a new employee, there are some tips to find the right talent.

When you post for a job opening, be very clear as to the requirements and expectations of the posting, be willing to think outside the box for qualified applicants.

Strom said, “I would encourage employers to be willing unconventional in their hiring. A lot of time if you give a person a chance and they’re professional, hardworking, and they do have those transferable skills, although they might not have a specific degree, they do have the skills, the work ethic, and commitment to be a great employee.”

Representatives from ‘Michigan! Works’ say they have resources for employees and job seekers. If you’re a job seeker check here. If you’re an employer visit here.