Christmas in Christmas, Michigan

CHRISTMAS– We’re only two days away from Christmas, but for one Upper Peninsula town, some could say it’s Christmas all year round.

Sharon Tesch has owned Santa’s workshop for around 13 years, but she says the shop goes back to the ’60s. Maybe not in the North Pole, but at least here in Christmas, Michigan.

Sharon Tesch, owner of Santa’s Workshop, said that “I’m the only Gift Shop in the U.P. and I have a lot of nice Christmas items.” Santa’s workshop is located on the corner of Christmas Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue and besides being a Christmas themed gift shop boasts a wooden Santa Clause larger than the store itself outside.

Santa’s Workshop isn’t its busiest just before Christmas, but instead when there are tourists in the area to check out the shop. Sharon said “My busiest time of the year is in the summer, July and August which I know most people find unusual; but that is my busiest.”

Christmas Michigan was founded by a man named who made purchased a plot of land and called it Christmas. He built a toy factory on the property, but that burned down around a year and a half later. Sharon says he sold the land and those who moved in decided to keep his theme alive to this day. “Christmas, just is, just always kind of a happy holiday for people. Some just because the little kids, they think of Santa Clause,” Sharon said, “but older people I think they think of the gift of the Christ Child.”

Have a safe and wonderful holiday from Santa’s Workshop and us at ABC–10.