Benefit dinner held for local boy recovering from third degree burns

MARQUETTE — A tragic accident earlier this month left a twelve-year-old Beaver Grove boy with third degree burns over his stomach and torso. The family held a benefit dinner earlier this evening to help with medical and travel expenses.

December 8started out like any other day for twelve-year-old Steven Winters of Beaver Grove. Steven, struggling to open a new pair of boots, grabbed a lighter to burn through the elastic tie that bound them together and accidentally caught his shirt on fire in the process.
He spent an hour or so in the emergency room before he was rushed to Ann Arbor for third degree burns on his torso and abdominal area.

Within a week’s time, Steven underwent two skin grafting procedures to help repair damaged skin on his neck, chest and stomach.

In order to help raise funds for the various expenses attached to his accident, Steven’s family and friends came together Tuesday night for a spaghetti dinner, bake sale and silent auction at the Masonic building in Downtown Marquette. Steven’s grandfather expressed gratitude to everyone who pitched in to help them out during this trying time.

“All of our friends and everything came up and this has just been perfect as far as the fundraiser goes. We had so many people pull together for us and it’s been perfect,” Winters said. “It was so fast. They needed money kind of quickly so we didn’t have a whole bunch of time to put it together, but everybody just worked so fast and it was just perfect. We’ve got so many people that really care.”

Steven is on the road to recovery and will have to spend 13 months in a full body suit, but his family said he is optimistic.

“Steven’s doing his part. He’s been so tough. He didn’t even hardly cry at all. He’s been a real trooper. We’re just going to support him and take care of him, get him in all the rehabs, help him get back and forth to Ann Arbor. We’re going to stick by him as much as we can and do the best we can as a family.”

There is no word yet on when Steven will be able to come home. If you weren’t able to make it to the dinner, but still want to help the family out during the holiday season, click here.