MARQUETTE — The annual report for Peter White Public Library was discussed Monday night at the Marquette City Commission Meeting, and it was all good news.

Library Director Andrea Ingmire presented an update on the Peter White, recapping the past year and explaining what’s in store for the future in regards to programming and capital need. Millage renewals were on both the primary and general election ballots this year for five townships and passed with overwhelming support in all five. The fund balance did rise by $140,000 and in the last two years, the fund balance has risen from $78,000 to $390,000.

Ingmire said now that the We Energy agreement has settled, these numbers will be affected.

“Our statistics are strong and financially, the library is solvent and that’s about the best we can ask for right now,” said Ingmire. “We have all kinds of exciting things coming. We’re working with a space planner to look at some of our spaces and how we may use them a little bit differently. Also, we’re looking at some capital needs we have for some building repairs, where we might go with that, which direction we might use as far as funding it. It’s exciting times.”

Necessary building repairs include fixing a crack in the library’s façade, replacing buckling carpets and potentially reupholstering the aging furniture. Following the presentation, commission members voiced their support for the library’s continued programming and thanked Ingmire for her dedication to pushing the library into the future.