Next Smartprize featuring events for kids.

MARQUETTE– One Upper Peninsula contest put on to encourage entrepreneurship is no longer just for grownups.

This year Smartprize will be featuring Smartprize Junior during the ten day event. Smart Prize Junior will be co-hosted U-Pís children museum on Sunday April second and is intended for entrepreneurs from six to twelve years old. Up to one-hundred kids can enter the contest to show off their ideas and possibly win up to one-thousand dollars.

Anna Dravland Community Relations and Event Marketing for Travel Marquette, ďThere really isnít an education going on these day in kids teaching them about business and teaching them about being creative and having ideas. As much as our school system is great but it does teach the same content and it doesnít really teach you about entrepreneurial activities or developing ideas or inventions. So this gives kids an opportunity to think a little more outside the box.Ē

Smart Prize will take place March thirty-first through April ninth this year. Dravland says they are still looking for participants, if you are interested in participating in Smartprize or being a venue, check out our their website here.