Keeping the pounds off during the holidays

HARVEY — The holidays bring endless joy to many, but they can also bring some additional pounds with all the sugary temptations. What is the key to staying fit during the holiday season?

Sticking to a strict routine and creating work-out appointments for yourself can be useful. Treat these just like any other necessary appointment, and do not make excuses to cancel. Having a work-out buddy such as a friend or family member can help you stay motivated while working off holiday treats.

If you do give in to temptation, don’t give up on your typical work-out routine.

“Just acknowledge that during the holidays we have a few extra treats and sweets. Just continue on with your work-out plan and acknowledge that you didn’t completely fall off the wagon, just maybe spend a little extra time on the treadmill or do a few more reps with the sets and the weights,” said Anytime Fitness Owner (Harvey), Jamie Thayer.

With the average person gaining between seven and ten pounds during the holiday season, the delicious food isn’t the only factor that can contribute to this but also the stress of the holidays.

“Stress relief during the holidays can be a real big issue for a lot of people and personally, I think that is the number one reason to be working out. It helps us deal with a lot of outside issues that we have going on in our lives and get into a gym and getting your body moving can release a lot of endorphins,” said Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer, Joshua Harju.

Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours and always accepting new members. If you are a military personnel who is home for the holidays, you are invited to come and work-out for free, without a membership.