ISHPEMING — The new roundabout on US-41 and Second Street in the City of Ishpeming has been a topic of conversation since its creation. How to safely and properly maneuver through the roundabout is something that people had the chance to learn about Wednesday afternoon.

The City of Ishpeming hosted a ‘Roundabout Safety Class’ this afternoon at the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame. Representatives from MDOT and the Michigan State Police were on hand to answer any questions that drivers had about using the roundabout.

MDOT’s Aaron Johnson addressed the topic of semi-trucks using the roundabout.

“You should have a little respect for that large vehicle because 1. They don’t see very well and 2. You can get into a position that they can’t see you when a second ago they could,” said Johnson. “You have to give them a little room. Some large vehicles need a little room, so give them space.”

Johnson also added that the key to using any roundabout is to always yield to your left and to never stop once you are driving in any roundabout.