HOUGHTON– Students in the Copper Country are taking a look under the hood for a possible career.

Students can get a good paying job when they graduate without having to attend a four–year college and stay in the area, one way is by putting their automotive skills to work.

That was the message shared by the Copper Country Intermediate School District and Michigan Works! as students from Automotive Tech classes were shown what a career could be like as a mechanic, parts sales and service technician. They toured three auto dealerships Keweenaw Chevrolet, Northern Auto and Copper Country Ford. The auto mechanic workforce is aging and much of the job is changing.

Michigan Works! Business Service Consultant for west Michigan Dale Verran said, “Back when these mechanics started, a lot of them used catalogues to look up the parts. Now they use computers. Before, they used to just underneath and be able to
look at it and diagnose. Now they have computer diagnoses. Almost every aspect of the vehicle has electronics in it now.

These Talent Tours are meant to bridge the gap between education and real life work experience.

Senior, Houghton High School Houghton High School senior Clayton Staricha said, “Well, I like the shop because I like being in that environment. I like tinkering around and stuff and learning about cars. It’s pretty interesting.”

The students will rotate when they return at a later date so they can see one of the other dealerships.