Local school sings into the holiday spirit

Cars lined the road in Marquette today, and not even one seat was left open at a popular local concert.

Students at Superior Hills Elementary School sang songs about holiday festivities around the world, and they even dedicated one to our U.P. winters. The Christmas Concert spread joy with Xylophones, drums, tambourines, and other percussion instruments. Fifth graders tried to make the most out of their last holiday performance at Superior Hills. Some even campaigned with candy for a fundraiser before performing.

“I’m selling peace bracelets, bracelets, and Yooper bars so the people at our parent organization doesn’t have to pay for us to go to Bay Cliff,” fifth grader Ella Pond said. “I’m most excited about saying my lines and winter in America.”

“They were excited! Oh my goodness they were excited for this show,” music teacher Tricia Vickers said. “There are movements in there. They have gotten to put their own creations in there. Everybody has a place and everybody has a part.”

“It is my last concert here because it only goes to fifth grade, but we do have a summer concert in the summer. So that would be my last concert so this is my last winter concert,” fifth grader Grady Schumann said. “I am looking forward to playing the xylophone.”

The students have been practicing since October.