U.P. city put in the spotlight by international magazine

MARQUETTE — The U.P. has seemed to have gained a lot of attention recently from people out of state and it’s about to get even more attention, except internationally.

In the latest issue of Sky Delta, Marquette County is featured in a 34-page spread. Local businesses along with activities to participate in while in the area are included in the magazine. Getting this international attention creates the possibility of getting tourists visiting from across the globe.

“The people that are flying and reading this, they are travelers. They’re business people, they are families, and especially in the month of December, you’re reaching families. Everyone is traveling for the holidays and when they see our beautiful community displayed the way they did it in the middle of December, I feel like it’s the most excellent representation we could possible get,” said Travel Marquette, Community Relations & Event Marketing, Anna Dravland.

Dravland who is a Negaunee native, mentioned her excitement for having one of the U.P.’s best kept secret getting exposed to the world. If you’re looking to snag a copy for yourself, you can find them online on Sky Delta’s website and of course, if you’re traveling via plane, you will find a copy in the seat pocket.