Local radio station starts petition to bring famous singer to U.P.

MARQUETTE — A local radio station is rallying up support to bring a famous Rock and Roll artist to the U.P. for a concert.

‘All Summer Long’ by Kid Rock was the inspiration for 100.3 radio host, ‘The Fat Man,’ to start a petition to get Kid Rock to play a concert right here in the U.P.

‘The Fat Man’ said he hopes to bring the Rock and Roll singer to the very place he described in the 2008 hit: the true northern Michigan.

“He’s gone to Granot Loma and hung out there, he shot the video over at Pictured Rocks and he goes out to Mackinac Island so I thought ‘Why doesn’t he come up here to play a concert?” said The Fat Man.

The goal is to hit between 12,000 and 15,000 signatures between Alger, Delta and Marquette County residents. And they’re going old school to reach that number.

“It’s a grass roots effort and we’re not going to do this on the internet. The song mentions ‘we didn’t have no internet.’ We’re going to show our commitment to wanting to get this thing done by going out into the weather, in the wind, in the snow, in the rain, in the winter to show Kid Rock that we are sincere about him coming up here to play,” The Fat Man said. “We’re working hard at this and we want him to play some Rock and Roll.”

‘The Fat Man’ says he plans on venturing to sporting events and enlisting help from The Point’s Escanaba station to collect the signatures.

If you’re interested in bringing Kid Rock to the U.P, stop in and visit the Marquette location on Washington Street to add your name to the petition.