MARQUETTE — Whether you are crossing the street or driving your vehicle, there is something to always keep an eye out for, and that is each other.

While pedestrian related accidents aren’t common in the U.P., pedestrian safety is beneficial to keep in mind on all kinds of roads. As a pedestrian it is important to be aware of heavy traffic areas and to always walk on a designated cross walk, aiming for lighted crosswalks are the easiest areas to safely cross.

Making eye contact with the driver can also be useful to ensure they are slowing down for you. While driving, be mindful that the pedestrians have the right of way and to stop for the pedestrian to cross. With the holidays upon us, shoppers in downtown locations are likely to be more prevalent.

“Especially if you’re downtown, the foot traffic this time of year being the holiday season, it’s going to pick up downtown. Keep your eyes open for the pedestrian crossing and be respectful of each other,” said Marquette City Police Department Sgt. Ryan Grim.

During the night with low visibility, it is especially important to keep an open eye for one another.